Institute of Solid State Physics, Materials Science and Technologies
NAS of Ukraine

Department of radioactive resistant and perspective materials

Main areas of research and development:research and development processes, technologies and equipment for compacting radioactive waste (RW) and spent nuclear fuel (SNF) immobilization.

Brief characteristics of research activity: the necessity of pre-long exposure of radioactive waste leads to the need for protective barriers (special containers, capsules, etc.) producing to prevent a possible release of radionuclides into the environment.

In the department scientific research on the physical background and development of immobilization, technologies (including encapsulation process) of radioactive waste are carried out. Based on the developed technologies of protective materials producing the processes such as powder material sintering process, including sintering under pressure (hot pressing, hot isostatic pressing) are applied. Use of these techniques allows to obtain protective ceramic materials which exhibit high corrosion and radiation resistance.

Main directions of scientific and technological developments:

  • research of effect of gas-static treatment processes on the physic- mechanical properties and operational characteristics of various materials , design and creation of installations and their components for the implementation of gas-static pressing, hot vacuum pressing and heat treatment in different environments (vacuum, air, inert gas);
  • elaboration of methods of compaction and immobilization of radioactive waste in the protective forms for temporary storage and final disposal , research on the development and optimization of technologies conditioning of radioactive waste;
  • research on production of ultrafine oxide nano powders of zirconium, magnesium, aluminum, yttrium , europium , silicon and others for the manufacture of radiation-resistant , constructional and functional ceramics;
  • production of high density, highly refractory , high strength and wear-resistant ceramics for different purposes and configuration that is not different to foreign analogues.

International cooperation

In the collaboration with Argonne National Laboratory and the company «Superior Graphite» (USA) the installation for the realization of the process of consolidation of powder pre form ceramics of different composition in the protective atmosphere of inert gases and vacuum (≥ 1,0 Pa) was developed, manufactured and putting into operation.

Superior Graphite
Reception Position Electro consolidation adjustment project USTC P-154 2009.
From right to left:
MV Savosko (Donetsk Physico-Technical Institute),
Dr. Sami Gopalsami (collaborator from ANL, USA),
Saenko SY (headed by KIPT).
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