Institute of Solid State Physics, Materials Science and Technologies
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The equipment of department of radioactive resistant and perspective materials

Laboratory gas-static set-up GAUS-4/2000-35

Gas-static set-up was designed for producing of barrier and immobilization materials and developing methods of encapsulation of radioactive waste and spent nuclear fuel.

Technical parameters
Working gas argon
Maximal working pressure 400
Maximal temperature 1320
Diameter of intra furnace space 35
Maximal diameter of loading sample 25
Height of intra furnace space 200
Height of loading sample 110
Non-uniformity of temperature along loading sample +/- 20
Heater molybdenum

Gas pressure up to 400 MPa in the installation provides a cryogenic thermo compressor KRIT 4L. Compressor is designed and manufactured in KIPT, and it has not some disadvantages, which are specific for pistons, membranes gas compressors and hydraulic amplifiers. The compressor action is based on the sequence of operations of pre cooling to a liquid state, and further heating in a closed volume of argon working gas. A specific feature of this compressor is a lack of moving parts in the design, therefore no wear of rubbing parts, leading to pollution of the gas medium by wear products and lubricants. There is a positive experience of gas-static treatment of various materials at the set-up GAUS-4/2000-35.

Installing the hot-pressing method of electro consolidation

In the collaboration with Argonne National Laboratory and the company «Superior Graphite» (USA), a pilot set-up for the realization of electro consolidation process was designed, manufactured and putting into operation This set-up provides the opportunity to realize the process of consolidation of powder pre forms of different composition ceramics in both a protective inert gases and vacuum (≥ 1,0 Pa ).

Electro consolidation process is carried out directly in the pres-form, made of graphite or a carbon- carbon composite (CCC) and having an inner diameter of 140 mm and a height of 240 mm.

electro consolidation method

View and design of press-form:

  1. spherical pair;
  2. upper die;
  3. powder transfer medium;
  4. pre forms;
  5. graphite cylinder of press-form;
  6. power cylinder for press-form strengthening;
  7. graphite felt (thermo isolation);
  8. lower die;
  9. lower bearing;
  10. graphite foil.

Preparation of powders is produced by Planetary Mono Mill «Pulverisette 6 " for dry or wet grinding of inorganic and organic materials, mixing and homogenizing of dry probes, emulsions and pastes. Material of grinding bowls and grinding balls: agate, zirconium dioxide, hardened steel, hard alloys of tungsten carbide and silicon nitride.

Pulverisette 6

Planetary Mono Mill «Pulverisette 6" and grinding bowls.

Laboratory set-up of the vacuum hot pressing

The set-up was designed for laboratory production of finely powdered compounds and compositions of the various materials on the basis of the hot-pressing method in vacuum.

set-up of the vacuum hot pressing
Technical characteristics:
Maximal pressure force ~ 1.2*10 4
Maximal temperature of press-form ~2200
Pressure in the working space in cold condition ~10-6
Sizes of press-form

up tp 60
up to 80
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