Institute of Solid State Physics, Materials Science and Technologies
NAS of Ukraine

Proposals of the department

Research and development of technologies for the manufacture of:

  • tablets for fuel and absorbing elements using the methods of hot-pressing and sintering, hot isostatic pressing, electro consolidation in vacuum and in an inert environment;
  • constructional and dispersion-strengthened ceramic materials with existing equipment to realization the methods of sintering powder compositions under pressure (hot pressing gas-static pressing, electro consolidation);
  • elaboration of methods for producing submicron powders of different composition and development of these ceramic materials with submicron structure using different methods of forming and sintering to manufacture the novel functional materials and products for biomedical applications.

For future assistance, do not hesitate to contact us:


Sayenko Sergey U. - chief of the Department

Phone: +038 (057) 349 - 10 - 47
Fax: +038-(057)-335 39-05
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