Institute of Solid State Physics, Materials Science and Technologies
NAS of Ukraine

Department of radiation material science and technologies

The department is founded in 1975 and is science-research subdivision providing theoretical and practical investigation of material interaction with beams of neutrons and charged particles, development of principals for production of new materials for reactor construction.

The scientific activity of department is represented by 4 laboratories and 2 sectors:

  • Laboratory of electron-microscopic study of the structure of irradiated materials;
  • Laboratory of physics of interaction of ion beams with materials;
  • Laboratory of new technologies development and treatment of metals be pressure;
  • Laboratory of reactor tests of new materials and investigation of pressure vessel materials;
  • Sector of radiation technologies;
  • Sector of development and investigation of bimetals and multilayer metallic composites

Books and publications:

radiation resistance

“Evolution of the structure phase state and radiation resistance of structural materials”
V.N.Voyevodin, I.M.Neklyudov

       Monograph presents the summarized results of theoretical and experimental investigations of structure state evolution and of composition of main nuclear power structural materials under irradiation; the relationship of these processes with radiation resistance of structural materials under irradiation is examined.

damage of structural materials

“Structure and radiation damage of structural materials”
       Engineering problems and requirements to structural materials of operated and future advanced nuclear and fusion power plants are considered. The main attention is paid to the problems of the increase of reliability and durability of reactor units and components, of the core: structures of thermal power equipment of nuclear plants functioning in most severe conditions.

radiation material science

“Physics of radiation phenomena and radiation material science”
       Physical nature of primary processes of radiation damage of solids is considered in the monograph also as mechanisms of radiation phenomena, engineering problems and requirements to structural materials of operating and prospective nuclear and fusion power plants.

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