Institute of Solid State Physics, Materials Science and Technologies
NAS of Ukraine

Department of Analytical Research, Environment and Radiation Technology

Radiation Technology

The department was found in 1987. It provides analytical support for materials science, ecology, medico-biophysical studies. These experimental studies are based on the own development of new equipment for the investigation of ion beams, x-ray and gamma radiation interaction with matter.
The scientific activity of the department is carried out by two laboratories and one group:

  • The Laboratory for Nuclear Physics and Physical Methods of Analysis;
  • The Laboratory of Electrophysical Equipment;
  • The Nuclear Microprobe Group.

The department activity involves:
  • Nuclear Physics Methods - Ion Beam of Analysis;
  • Alpha-, Beta-, X- and Gamma-ray spectroscopy and dosimetry;
  • Laser based Atomic Fluorescence Spectrometry;
  • X-ray Fluorescence Analysis;
  • Spectral- Luminescent Analysis.

Research areas:

nuclear fuel cycle

Elaboration of the methods for element (isotope) composition analysis in the materials of nuclear fuel cycle - from Hydrogen to Uranium, and concentrations down to 10-5 wt.%

coating thickness

Nondestructive method development for the space-sensitive analysis of element local distributions and concentration profile measurements, including the coating thickness determination.

NSC KIPT divisions

Analytical support for the activities of other IFTTFT NSC KIPT divisions;

implanting of H

Material properties modification by implanting of H, He, N, Ar, Kr, and Xe ions with the energies 150 - 2000 keV, and the studies of implanted surfaces;

biomedical influence

Ecologies (biomedical influence) investigation of the nuclear energy installations on the human health and environment.


Development of the “SOKOL” facilities:

  • elaboration and installation of the nuclear microprobe with 3 microns resolution;
  • the atmospheric outgoing beam channel coupled with the quasi-monochromatic X-ray source;
  • the 200 - 2000 keV ion (from He to Xe) beam irradiation channel for the material science;
  • the multiply charged ion source.

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