Institute of Solid State Physics, Materials Science and Technologies
NAS of Ukraine


Scientific activity.
Main research areas and topics

Institute of Solid State Physics, Materials Science and Technology (IFTTMT) is a member of KIPT. The Institute is a multidisciplinary research center of materials science, which was established in 1995 on the basis of the Department of Physical Materials KhPTI in accordance with the Decree of the President of Ukraine for technical and scientific materials science support safe, trouble-free and efficient operation and development of the nuclear power plant in Ukraine.

In the priority tasks of the Institute include the creation of new materials and technologies in relation to the needs of the nuclear, thermal, solar and hydrogen energy, aerospace, aviation and engineering industries and medicine.

Achieving the goals is through a series of fundamental and applied research in a number of government programs NASU:

Nuclear science and technology, departmental issues (NST)

departmental order NAS to conduct scientific research on nuclear science and engineering from the National Science Center "Kharkov Institute of Physics and Technology Institute."

"Scientific and technical support for the development of nuclear energy and the use of radiation technologies in the sectors of the economy"

targeted Comprehensive Program for NAS research


"Life and safety of structures, facilities and machines"

"Hydrogen in alternative energy and new technologies"

targeted Comprehensive Program for NAS research

"Fundamental Problems of nanostructured systems, nanomaterials, nanotechnologies"

targeted Comprehensive Program for NAS research

"Nanotechnologies and Nanomaterials"

state target scientific and technical program

Contest theme NAS.

innovative projects.

Targeted Comprehensive Program for Research of NAS of Ukraine "Scientific and technical support of nuclear power development and use of radiation technologies in the fields of economy"

Grants for young scientists and groups of scientists.

Joint projects with foreign partners.

The Institute has 2 active members and 1 corresponding member of the National Academy of Sciences, 30 Doctors of Science, 80 PhDs, more than 15% of the total number of employees of the Institute compelling cost younger employees (under 35 years).

The institute also includes a "Center for collective use analytical equipment" (director of the center corresponding member. NASU V.N. Voevodin)

Organizing-educational activity


During 35 years there were 20 international scientific conferences on Physics of Radiation Phenomena and Radiation materialovoedeniyu.
published annually 2-3 issue of the journal "PAST" - questions of nuclear science and technology. The directions "Physics of Radiation Damage and Radiation Materials" and "Vacuum, clean materials superconductors".

International Conferences and schools of young scientists

  2013 year

II. International conference “High-purity materials: production, use, characteristics”
Is devoted to the memory of academician of NASU Azhazha Vladimir Mikhaylovich
17-20 September 2013 y.
Kharkov, Ukraine.

  2012 year

XX Jubilee International Conference on physics of radiation phenomena and radiation material science.
10-15 September 2012 y.
Alushta, Crimea, “Evrika”

Organizing and participation in V Russian-Ukrainian seminar-meeting “Development of nuclear power of Russia, Ukraine and Armenia – factor of stable interstate cooperation”
9-12 October, 2012 y.
Russia, Sochi
  2011 year

International School for Young Scientists on nuclear physics and energy.
6-12 June 2011.
Alushta, Crimea, “Evrika”

51th International Conference "Modern problems of strength"
16-21 May 2011 y.
Kharkov, Ukraine, NSC KIPT

International scientific conference "High-purity materials: production, use, characteristics"
Is devoted to 80-anniversary of academician of NAS of Ukraine Azhazha Vladimir Mikhaylovich
15-18 November 2011
Kharkov, Ukraine, NSC KIPT

Organizing and participation in IV Russian-Ukrainian seminar-meeting"Development of nuclear power of Russia and Ukraine– factor of stable interstate cooperation"
3-7 October 2011 y.
Sevastopol, Crimea

development of nuclear energy   2010 year

XIX International Conference on physics of radiation phenomena and radiation material science.
6-11 September 2010 y.
Alushta, Crimea, “Evrika”

ХIХ international conference radiation phenomena Radiation-resistant ceramics

Organizing and participation in III Russian-Ukrainian seminar-meeting "Development of nuclear power– factor of stable international cooperation"
19-21 октября 2010 г.
Vinogradovo, Moscow region
  2009 year

International school of young scientists on nuclear physics and power.
12-18 June 2009 y.
Alushta, Crimea


Organizing and participation in scientific-technical meeting-seminar "Development of nuclear power of Russia and Ukraine – factor of stable interstate cooperation"
19-23 October 2009 y.
Energodar, Ukraine
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