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  The Institute of High-Energy and Nuclear Physics (IHENP), created by the Decree of the President of Ukraine of 23.06.1993 on the basis of the Research Department of High-Energy Physics for the purpose of solving fundamental and applied problems, is one of the main research Institutes of the National Science Center  "Kharkiv Institute of Physics and Technology"NAS of Ukraine. A historical chronology of the development and organization of scientific research in the field of nuclear physics and high-energy physics, as well as the main achievements in the pre-war and post-war periods is fully described in the book by Yurij Ranyuk "Laboratory No1. Nuclear Physics in Ukraine"  "ACTA"publishing, 2001, 589 p. Investigations in the field of nuclear physics and high-energy physics in previous years and at present time are of current interest in regards to pursue answers for fundamental questions about the structure and evolution of matter and to use in practice the results of fundamental research in various fields of science and technology. The importance of these investigations for practice, first of all, is related to the problems of scientific support of nuclear power industry and new principles of its maintenance.
 Main objectives of fundamental and applied research of IHENP:
 —Interaction of electrons and photons with nuclei.
 —Quantum electrodynamic processes in matter, including crystals.
 —Mechanisms of nuclear reactions and nuclear structure.
 —Development of radiation technologies.
 —Development of software systems for assessment of the environmental impact on the objects, which pose a radiation hazard, including spent nuclear fuel storage facilities.
  The uniqueness of the scientific and research works performed by IHENP is that their results can be used both for the development of theoretical concepts, and for solving practical problems.In the period of the IHENP existence three State Prizes in Science and Technology were obtained, over 100 dissertations were defended and more than 50 patents were granted. Results of researches and developments for the period from 2014 to 2018 are published in 1207 articles, including 609 articles with new important results in the journals indexed by leading scientometric databases (Web of Science, Scopus). 17 international conferences on high-energy physics and nuclear physics were held at the Institute.. The scientific journal  "Problems of Atomic Science and Technology", series of "Nuclear Physics Research" is published annually. The high scientific potential and many years experience of solving scientific and applied problems of IHENP provide conditions for mutually beneficial collaboration with domestic and foreign partners.


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