QEDSP 2011
International Conference

Aug. 29—Sept. 02, 2011
Kharkov, Ukraine
Quantum Electrodynamics
Statistical Physics
National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
National Science Center “Kharkov Institute of Physics and Technology”
Akhiezer Institute for Theoretical Physics of NSC KIPT
Karazin Kharkov National University

Instruction for presentations

Format of the Conference

The Conference plenary talks start every morning at 9:00 and end about 13:30. After a dinner break talks resume at 14:30 and end around 18:00. The Conference ends on Friday September 02 at 13:30.


The Conference will have invited/plenary (25+5 min), parallel oral (15+5 min), and poster sessions. The working language of the QEDSP2011 Conference is English.

Instructions for oral presentations

There will be necessary facility for oral presentations (beamers and overhead projectors). Participants may use their own notebooks but they are recommended to use Conference service notebooks and to bring the presentations on commonly used carriers (CD, DVD, Flash-memory and 3'' disks) made with the standard PC software (PowerPoint, Acrobat, GhostScript). Participants are asked to notify Organizing Committee if they are going to use less standard software in their presentations.

Poster instructions

The Poster Sessions for QEDSP2011 will be held on Wednesday (Aug. 31) and Thursday (Sept. 01) afternoons. The posters will be on display from 14:40 to 18:00. In order to take maximum advantage of the poster session presenters should prepare material that can be displayed on a board and readable from a distance of about one meter (3 ft). Poster boards are 150 cm wide and 90 cm high intended for two posters 60 cm wide and 85 cm high (A1); push-pins to mount the posters will be provided. Presence of at least one of the co-authors of a poster is required during presentations. Presenters are responsible for removing materials from their display board after the session.

Proceedings of the Conference

The Proceedings will be published after the Conferences in a special issue of a journal Problems in Atomic Science and Technology, Ser. Nuclear Physics, published by NSC KIPT. Details of submission and the relevant guidelines will be announced later.

Book of Abstracts

Participants will receive the Book of Abstracts at the registration desk.

The Conference QEDSP2011 will be held at the National Science Center
“Kharkov Institute of Physics and Technology”, Kharkov, Ukraine

Organizing Committee Address:
   1, Akademicheskaya Str. 61108 Kharkov, Ukraine

E-mail: QEDSP2011@kipt.kharkov.ua

Fax: +38 (057) 335 2683
Tel.: +38 (057) 335 6462; +38 (057) 335 6864

WEB site: http://www.kipt.kharkov.ua/conferences/itp/QEDSP2011