QEDSP 2011
International Conference

Aug. 29—Sept. 02, 2011
Kharkov, Ukraine
Quantum Electrodynamics
Statistical Physics
National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
National Science Center “Kharkov Institute of Physics and Technology”
Akhiezer Institute for Theoretical Physics of NSC KIPT
Karazin Kharkov National University

Abstract Submission


The Conference will have plenary, parallel, and poster sessions. There will be invited/plenary (25+5 min), parallel session (15+5 min) talks, and poster presentations.

The working language of the QEDSP2011 Conference is English.

List of Sections

A. Quantum field theory
B. QED processes at high energies
C. Elementary particle theory. Cosmology
D. Theory of irreversible processes
E. Phase transitions and diffusion processes in condensed matter and gases
F. Nonlinear dynamics and chaos


The Proceedings will be published after the Conference. Details of submission and the relevant guidelines will be announced later.


Abstracts for the Book of Abstracts of the Conference should be prepared in MS Word (or LaTeX) and PDF formats. Please, submit an abstract in electronic form to QEDSP2011@kipt.kharkov.ua before May 1, 2011, extended to May 20, 2011.

Instruction for abstract preparation — RTF (13.5 KB), PDF (11.5 KB).

The Conference QEDSP2011 will be held at the National Science Center
“Kharkov Institute of Physics and Technology”, Kharkov, Ukraine

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