Instructions for Submission of Reports

    Reports must include experimental or theoretical results or review information never published before.

    Reports with original information must not exceed five typewritten pages, review reports ten pages, including abstract, tables and figures.

Report Layout

    Manuscripts should be presented in two copies, arranged in accordance with the example attached. They must be prepared for direct reproduction. The second copy must have signatures of all the authors.

    The manuscript, including tables and figures,  has to be supplied with 1.44 MB diskette containing the report file edited in Microsoft Word.  Instead of the diskette, the report file may be sent by e-mail, this being more preferable.

    In case of presenting the report in Ukrainian or Russian, the title, the names of the authors, the name and the address of the organization, and the abstract as well must be translated into English and inserted at the end of the report.

    Figures and photos must be scanned with a sufficiently resolution and be inserted into the text. Avoid using wide color (gray-shade) gamma so that the volume of figures should be below several hundred kilobytes.

    Use the built-in formula editor for composing equations and formulas. Using character graphics for preparing tables is not allowed.

    The reports that do not meet the requirements mentioned above will be rejected.

    The materials sent out will not be returned.

submission of papers

The papers submitted to the Organizational Committee of the symposia should include the following: