Example of Report Design



report title

J. P. Smith
(Organization/Firm, City, Country)


    Abstract (maximum size 100 words): Times New Roman font; size 10 pt; normal italics outline; justified alignment; paragraph first line indent 0,6 cm)

  1. first level subheading title

1.1. Second level subheading title

     Page format: A4 (297x210 mm).

     Title and subheadings set up in capitals.

     Report title, authors, organization/firm and abstract arranged in one column. Main text arranged in two columns, column width 8,2 сm, space between columns 0,6 сm.

     Arrangement of large figures, formulas and tables in one column is acceptable.

     Page layout. Margins: left 2,5 сm, right 1,5 сm, top 2,5 сm, bottom 2,5 сm. Times New Roman font, line interval single.

     Report title: size 14 pt; bold outline; no indent; center alignment.

     Author, organization/firm: font size 12 pt; bold italics outline; no indents; center alignment.

     Text of report: font size 10 pt; normal outline; paragraph first page indent 0,6 сm; justified alignment. Use only soft hyphens in text set up (hyphen with Ctrl button). Use strict space (Ctrl+Shift+space) between value and its unit.

     First level subheading title: font size 11 pt; bold outline; no indents; center alignment.

     Second level subheading title: font size 10 pt; bold outline; no indents; center alignment.

     Figure caption: font size 10 pt; normal italics outline; no indents; center alignment.


Fig. 1. Figure caption



     Literature: font size 10 pt; normal outline; no indents; justified alignment. References to unpublished materials are not acceptable.

     An example of reference list is given below.



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  2. I.I. Aksenov, V.M. Khoroshikh. Proc. of the 17th ISDEIV, Berkeley, California, 1998, p.100.