Institute of Plasma Physics

Director of IPP - Prof. Dr. Igor E. Garkusha
phone: +38 (057) 335-61-22
fax: +38 (057) 335-26-64

The main areas of investigations:

  1. Fusion oriented research (theory and experiment), including a magnetic plasma confinement in stellarators and electromagnetic traps, research and development high-frequency plasma heating, the development, construction and utilization of the high-temperature plasma diagnostics.
  2. Fusion reactor aspects: divertor and plasma facing materials, high temperature plasma diagnostics (in particular, the first mirrors for various diagnostic systems), physics and technological problems of hydrogen recycling, etc.
  3. Development and application of pulsed and quasi-stationary plasma accelerators.
  4. Plasma technologies (development of a new methods for multi-layer composite coatings deposition using combined plasma discharges, enhanced methods for the material's surface modification with pulsed plasma streams, plasma alloying of material surface layers, development of compact ozone generators and sterilizers, based on dielectric barrier discharge).