WSHEP2009 National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
National Science Center Kharkov Institute of Physics and Technology
Akhiezer Institute for Theoretical Physics of NSC KIPT
Karazin Kharkov National University

Winter School on High Energy Physics

March 25, 2009 (Kharkov, Ukraine)


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Lecture Name Download Size Outline
WSHEP 2009 Lectures Pack

(Achille Stocchi,
Marie-Helene Schune,
Sergey Barsuk)

145 Mb Introduction
HEP instrumentation
Strong interaction
Weak interaction
Electroweak and SM
Higgs boson search
Seminar: SuperB factory
CKM/CP and B physics
Neutrino physics
Separate Files Download
(Achille Stocchi)
Introduction.ppt 6.8 Mb Few concepts, first glance in the particles world
Overview of the 3 interactions (detailed in the next lectures)
HEP instrumentation
(Sergey Barsuk)
HEP_Instrument_1.ppt 7.2 Mb Some units and conventions
What can we measure/register?
Passage of particles through matter
Interaction of particles with matter
HEP_Instrument_2.ppt 39.8 Mb Gaseous detectors
Silicon detectors
HEP_Instrument_3.ppt 19.8 Mb Photon detectors
Cherenkov light detectors
HEP_Instrument_4_(LHC).ppt 38.9 Mb The LHC machine
LHC accident : Sept. 19, 2008
Experiments at LHC:
Strong interaction
(Marie-Helene Schune)
Strong_Interaction.pdf 1.1 Mb Strong isospin
Baryonic number, strangeness, flavor-SU(3)
color-SU(3) : QCD
Weak interaction
(Achille Stocchi)
Weak_Interaction.ppt 2.8 Mb Introduction
Quantum numbers : conservation, non conservation
Weak interaction and parity
Weak interaction : V-A
The discoveries

Electroweak and SM
(Marie-Helene Schune)

Electroweak_and_SM_Higgs.pdf 3.3 Mb Introduction
Gauge transformation
Electroweak symmetry
Higgs mechanism
The Standard Model
Direct search for the Higgs boson
Beyond Standard Model
Higgs boson search
(Marie-Helene Schune)
SuperB factory
(Achille Stocchi)
Seminar_SuperB_Factory.ppt 17.9 Mb What is a B-factory
Physics at the Super Flavor Factory
International collaboration
CKM/CP and B physics
(Sergey Barsuk,
Achille Stocchi)
CKM-CP-B_Physics_1.ppt 9.1 Mb C, P and T parity and CPT theorem
P and C Violation in Weak Interactions
the Cabibbo-Kobayashi-Maskawa matrix
The Unitarity triangles
The Amount of CP Violation
Measurement of the "beta" angle
CKM-CP-B_Physics_2.ppt 4.7 Mb How CKM matrix appears in the SM
Why CKM is complex and so we have CP violation in SM
Many novelties on the measurement of the "alpha" angle
How measurements constraint UT parameters
Today situation
Neutrino physics
(Marie-Helene Schune)
NeutrinosPhysics.pdf 2.9 Mb Introduction and a bit of history
Majoranaor Dirac?
The three types of neutrinos
Neutrino mixing
Future directions