The Conference is partially supported by INTAS and STCU

(Science and Technology Center in Ukraine).

The scientific program of the Conference will include oral contributions on

plenary (section) sessions (30 and 20 min) and also poster sessions.

Working language of the Conference will be English.

The titles of all contributed papers should be received by the

Organizing Committee before October 25, 2001 via electronic mail:

or by fax: +38 (0572) 352683.


The Proceedings of the Conference including the contributions

for oral and poster presentations will be published. All contributed papers

(electronic versions) should be received before December 10, 2001.

Manuscripts should be double spaced printed up to 10 pages, including

Abstract at first page. All text should be printed of the 12 pt type (font),

A4 format with 27 mm left and right margins.

A copy of the proceedings will be mailed to each registered participant.



The Conference participants will be accommodated in the comfortable

hotels "Kievskaya" and "Kharkov" in the center of Kharkov (near the

subway station "Universitet").

The accommodation at the hotels will cost (in equiv. of Ukr. currency grivnja):

Single occupancy: $65/day, "Kievskaya", $65/day, "Kharkov" (breakfast included);

Double occupancy: $45/day, "Kievskaya", $40/day, "Kharkov" (breakfast included).

The participants are also welcome to stay at the hotel-pension

"Solnechny", located not far from NSC KIPT. The accommodation will cost

(in equiv. of Ukr. currency grivnja):

Single occupancy: $25/day (breakfast included),

Double occupancy: $15/day (breakfast included).

Payment for accommodation must be made by cash on arriving to hotel.

If you wish that the Organizing Committee would book a place

at the hotels for you, please, send urgently the following

information by e-mail to






Last name, first name

Date of arrival to Kharkov or Kiev

Number of arrival flight (and city)

Date of departure

Hotel, single or double room




The Conference will be held at the National Science Center ''Kharkov

Institute of Physics and Technology'' (NSC KIPT) situated in "Pjatikhatki" -

the suburb of Kharkov, 15 km away from the center of Kharkov and

25 km appr. away from the airport. There are bus routes (bus #296)

from Pjatikhatki to the subway stations "Universitet" and "Sovetskaja"

and back. Bus and car service will be provided.

The Organizing Committee shall also use all possibilities to transport

the participants from airports and railway stations in Kiev and Kharkov.

Kharkov (Har'kov, Charkov) has direct air connection with such capitals as

Vienna (Austria) and Istanbul (Turkey). To reach Kharkov by air you may

take a flight of Austrian Airlines from the Vienna airport, you can also

arrive to Kharkov via Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, where you will be met

by the members of the Organizing Committee. Transit via Kiev, having

a direct air connection with many capitals, is also convenient. In this case

the organizers will help you with further trip from Kiev to Kharkov either

by a comfortable bus from airport "Boryspol" (Kiev) to Kharkov or by

direct overnight train Kiev-Kharkov.


Kharkov was founded in 1655 as defensive settlement with a garrison

of 567 cossacks (Ukrainian soldiers).

Now it is the second largest city in Ukraine after Kiev. Kharkov is situated in

the undulating ground in the north-west of Ukraine. It occupies an area of more

than 320 square km, at 90 to 192 m above the sea level.

More than 1.5 million of people live now in Kharkov.

In 1805 the Kharkov Imperial University (now Karazin Kharkov National

University, KNU), the third university in Russia came into being.

Many outstanding scientists were working at the Kharkov University.

Among them there were well-known mathematicians M. Ostrogradsky

(1801-1861), A. Lyapunov (1857-1918), V. Steklov (1863-1926),

D.Sintsov, S. Bernstein, N. Akhiezer, prominent physicists N. Pilchikov,

Lev Landau, L. Shubnikov, D.Rozhansky, K. Sinelnikov,

A. Leipunsky, A. Akhiezer, E. Lifshits, I. Lifshits, biologist I. Mechnikov.

Many of these physicists were actively working at the Ukrainian

Physical-Technical Institute (UFTI, now it is the National Science Center

"Kharkov Institute of Physics and Technology, NSC KIPT), founded in 1928.



The average annual temperature in Kharkov is about +7 C (Celsius). It falls down

to -7 C in January and rises up to +21 C in July.

At the end of October and the beginning of November the temperature varies

from +4 C in the morning up to +10 C in noontime. The infrequent sunny days

with night frosts (from 0 C to minus 5 C) alternate with dull days (the usual

noontime temperatures are from +5 C to +10 C).

So, a warm sweater and a jacket (anoraks) will be very neccessary for your travel to

the Kharkov Conference.



A.A. Abrikosov(Moscow, RF, Argonne, USA)

X. Artru (Lyon, France)

H. Backe (Mainz, Germany)

V.G.Baryakhtar (Kiev, Ukraine)

S.T. Belyaev (Moscow, Russia)

N.N. Bogolubov(Jr.)(Moscow, Russia)

L.Chadderton (Canberra, Australia)

R. Chehab (Orsay, France)

H. Dahmen (Siegen, Germany)

M.V.Danilov (Moscow, Russia)

S. Drell (Stanford, USA)

I. Endo (Hiroshima, Japan)

V.V. Eremenko (Kharkov, Ukraine)

Ya.B. Fainberg (Kharkov, Ukraine)

E.L. Feinberg (Moscow, Russia)

P.I. Fomin (Kiev, Ukraine)

H. Fried (Providence, USA)

R. Glauber(Cambridge,USA)

C. Gomez (Madrid, Spain)

F. Gross (Williamsburg, USA)

B.L. Ioffe (Moscow, Russia)

V.G.Kadyshevsky (Dubna, Russia)

Y.S. Kim (Maryland, USA)

A. Leggett (Urbana, USA)

L.N. Lipatov (St.Petersburg, Russia)

A.A. Maradudin (Irvine, USA)

V. Milner (Austin, USA)

A.G. Naumovets (Kiev, Ukraine)

A.I. Nikishov (Moscow, Russia)

L.B. Okun (Moscow, Russia)

W. Panofsky (Stanford, USA)

L.P. Pitaevskii (Moscow, Russia)

A.P. Potylitsin (Tomsk, Russia)

A. Richter (Darmstadt, Germany)

V.I. Ritus (Moscow, Russia)

G. Roepke (Rostock, Germany)

A. Sagnotti (Roma, Italy)

H. Satz (Bielefeld, Germany)

V.P. Silin (Moscow, Russia)

A.G. Sitenko (Kiev, Ukraine)

S. Stenholm (Stockholm, Sweden)

K.N. Stepanov (Kharkov, Ukraine)

S. Stringari (Trento, Italy)

M.L.Ter-Mikayelian (Ashtarak, Armenia)

L. Trentadue (Parma, Italy)

J.W. Tucker (Sheffield, UK)

A.F. Tulinov (Moscow, Russia)

H. Uberall (Washington, USA)

I.R. Yukhnovskii (Lviv, Ukraine)

G.M. Zinov'ev (Kiev, Ukraine)



N.F. Shul'ga (ITP NSC KIPT, Kharkov) - Chair

V.I. Lapshin (NSC KIPT, Kharkov) - Co-Chair

S.V. Peletminskii (ITP NSC KIPT) - Co-Chair

I.I. Zalyubovskii (KNU, Kharkov) - Co-Chair

A.P. Rekalo (ITP NSC KIPT) - Vice-Chair

A.S. Esaulov (ITP NSC KIPT) - Vice-Chair

S.P. Fomin (ITP NSC KIPT, Kharkov) - Scientific Secretary

B.A. Atamanenko (STCU, Kiev)

D.T. Taraschenko (NASU, Kiev)

A.S. Abyzov (ITP NSC KIPT),

N.A.Azarenkov (KNU, Kharkov)


Y.L. Bolotin (ITP NSC KIPT)


L.N. Davydov (ITP NSC KIPT)

V.D. Khodusov (KNU, Kharkov)

M.Yu. Kovalevsky (ITP NSC KIPT)

T.E. Kuznetsova (NSC KIPT),


Yu.P. Mel'nik (ITP NSC KIPT)

V.A. Mikhailov (NSC KIPT)

V.V. Pilipenko (ITP NSC KIPT),

Yu.V.Slyusarenko (ITP NSC KIPT)

D.P. Sorokin (ITP NSC KIPT)

A.N. Tarasov (ITP NSC KIPT)

A.V. Volobuyev (NSC KIPT),

A.A. Zheltukhin (ITP NSC KIPT)

V.G. Zima (KNU, Kharkov).


REGISTRATION can be made by sending

Registration Form to Organizing Committee


Fax: +38 (0572) 35 26 83



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Position . . . . .

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