Travel to Alushta

As a rule, most of participants should get to Alushta from Simferopol themselves. There are several kinds of transport run from Simferopol rail station (airport) to Alushta: buses, trolleybuses and route minibuses. It takes about 1 hour to get to Alushta bus station by minibus (it's recommended kind of transport) and 1h 30 min by trolleybus (N51 or 52). There is also the direct bus route from Simferopol railway station to "Professorski Ugolok" in Alushta - the region of Alushta, where Dubna rest home is located. It takes about 10 min of walk to reach Dubna hotell from the station "Professorskij Ugolok".

The Organizing Committee will organize meeting of the participants at Alushta bus station and their transportation to the rest home "Dubna" on September 21 (date of Arrival) from 10:00 till 18:00.

All registered participants will be recommended to fill in the Final Registration Form that will be attached to the Second Announcement and also will be available on Website after August 1.