The objective of the meeting is to provide a forum for discussion of approaches to fusion research based on small and medium scale devices, such as small tokamaks, compact tori, dense plasma focus, reversed field pinches (RFP), helical devices, linear/discharge machines, etc. The meeting will also cover other devices such as non-magnetic confinement devices, devices using beams or lasers and new trends or innovation concepts for fusion research.
The meeting will provide an opportunity for scientists working in different fusion topics and different devices to exchange and discuss results of their research, compare methodologies and promote possible collaborations. The meeting will also provide an opportunity for discussion sessions to highlight where new contributions and new collaborations can be established among the small fusion devices community that will align they work with relevant fusion research topics for the future.
The International Advisory Committee will consider experimental and theoretical contributions reporting works on the following generic topical areas:

A   Magnetic Confinement
B   Dense Magnetised Plasmas
C   Innovative Fusion Technology and Applications
D   Fusion Materials Research
E   Diagnostic Systems and Components
F   Control and Data Acquisition Systems and Remote Participation Tools

It is expected that the following subjects (among others) are covered:

improved confinement mode threshold scaling; ELM control; fusion materials testing (outgassing, emissivity, insulation, etc); diagnostics development and diagnostic components testing; dust studies in fusion devices, techniques of laser blow-off from surfaces, D and T inventory studies (co-deposition, gas loading, gas release and especially gas recovery technologies); steady state scenarios; heating and current drive (beams and waves), wall conditioning, start up; efficient fuelling techniques (plasmoids); individual and integrated control systems and application programming; modelling of plasma and plasma wall interactions; modelling of charged and neutral beams; etc…