This Conference is sponsored by the European Physical Society, which entitles some participants to apply for EPS funds. In particular, at least two participants with an abstract accepted will be partially financed from this source. Please read the conditions at EPS website.

Applications for funding have to be sent to Organizing committee not later than June 20th 2008 and are expected to include all the following information that might apply:

Full name; date of birth; nationality; status; Institution; full postal address; phone and fax; e-mail; graduation date, title and discipline; institution of graduation; brief curriculum vitae since graduation; list of your scientific publications (or at least your best and most recent ones; give title of paper, journal, volume and page numbers, authors).

Current or projected research activities, motives for wishing to attend Alushta-2008 Conference and School on Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion, and the title of the abstract that you have already submitted.

Name and affiliation of two referees that send a letter of recommendation.