XXV International Workshop on Charged Particle Accelerators 

This Workshop is a continuation of All-Union workshops on Charged Particle Linear Accelerators held through 1973-1995 in Kharkov (odd year count); the XV- XXIII International Workshops on Charged Particle Linear Accelerators were held in Alushta, the Crimea

This Workshop will be held in the National Science Center Kharkov Institute of Physics and Technology on September 18-22, 2017.

The primary purpose of this International Workshop is to bring together the active scientific community to discuss the current problems and prospects for electron and heavy particle accelerators and their applications in different fields. The Workshop Scientific Program shall preliminarily cover the following subjects:

  1. Status of the existing accelerators and new accelerator projects

  2. High-current pulsed accelerators

  3. Novel and advanced acceleration techniques

  4. Accelerator components

  5. Beam dynamics 

  6. Synchrotron radiation: sources and applications

  7. Beam applications, detectors and detecting nuclear radiations


Working Languages - Ukrainian, Russian and English.

Both original papers and reviews may be presented at the Workshop. A number of session contributions will be presented as posters.

The Book of Abstracts will be published before the beginning of the Workshop. 

You must follow the guidelines below for the preparation of your abstract:


Language -English and for participants from countries of FSU - English and Russian or Ukrainian.

bulletThe title, the name of the author(s), the full name(s) of Institute(s), the mailing address and e-mail (grouped by affiliation)  should be disposed at the beginning of the abstract.
bulletThe title should use uppercase letters.
bulletThe  name(s) of the author(s) and the full name(s) of Institute(s),  the mailing address and e-mail should use  upper and lower case letters.

Text (body of abstract) should not exceed 200 words. No figures and equations  will be accepted.

  The deadline for submission of Abstracts is May 15, 2017

 Authors may submit Abstracts on-line at the same time as Registration or by e-mail .   

Oral reports  will be published as papers in the journal Problems of Atomic Science and Technology  (VANT).  Reports may be prepared in English,  Russian or Ukrainian and in accordance to Guidelines for the Preparation of Papers.

 All correspondence regarding the Workshop please mail to:

  Workshop Post-box: iwcpa@kipt.kharkov.ua


 Prof. Anatoly N. Dovbnya 

          Prof. Mykola I. Ayzatskiy

          Olena V. Martakova