National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

The National Science Center

Kharkov Institute of Physics & Technology

will hold

the International Conference on

Condensed-matter physics

at low temperatures


dedicated to the centenary of birth of

Boris Georgievich LAZAREV,

Academician of the NAS of Ukraine,
Laureate of State prizes,
Honoured Worker of Science of Ukraine

June 20-22,2006.

Kharkov, Ukraine



Second Circular

General information



International Program Committee:

Neklyudov I.M., co-chairman

Eremenko V.V.,co-chairman

Tsimbal L.T.,Vice-chairman

Bakai A.S., Vice-chairman

Lazareva M.B., Scientific Secretary

Azhazha V.M., Ukraine

Baryakhtar V.G., Ukraine

Betekhtin V.I., Russia

Glukhikh V.A., Russia

Gredeskul S., Israel

Dmitrenko I.M. Ukraine

Dovbnya A.N., Ukraine

Klepikov V.F. Ukraine

Litvinenko L.N., Ukraine

Loktev V.M., Ukraine

Manzheliy V.G., Ukraine

Natsik V.D., Ukraine

Naumovets A.G., Ukraine

Obolensky M.A., Ukraine

Osipyan Yu.A., Russia

Pan V.M., Ukraine

Pugachev A.T., Ukraine

Seminozhenko V.P, Ukraine

Chernoplyokov N.A,Russia

Shikov A.K., Russia

Yakovenko V.M., Ukraine


The Organizing Committee received more than 100 papers for presentation at the Conference. The papers cover all the Conference subjects. The scientists and experts from Ukraine, Russia, Byelorussia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Israel, the USA are intend to attend the Conference.

Application forms for participation in the Conference without papers will be accepted. A book of abstracts will be distributed to all of the participants upon registration.


Conference Site

The Conference will be held at the National Science Center :Kharkov Institute of Physics and Technology (the conference hall) located at the address: Academicheskaya St, 1, settlement Pyatikhatki, Kharkov, Ukraine.

Conference Registration

The Conference registration desks will be located in the KIPT Conference Hall Foyer and will be open on June 20 between 8.30 and 10.00.

Conference Schedule



June 20


10.0                                                                                       Opening of the Conference



12.00 13.30 Plenary sessions (Duration of paper presentations

will be 20 minutes).

14.30     - 17.30


June 21 22


9.30 13.30 Regular sessions (Duration of oral presentations

will be 10 minutes. The demonstration of poster

14.30 17.30 presentations will be arranged)






Illustrations with the use of transparencies or a mediaprojector


In the case of use of a mediaprojector you should copy the paper with illustrations in our computer one day prior the presentation.

The size of papers should not exceed 4 sheets of 4 format. The title should be typed by capital letters. Indicate, please, the name of the organization and yours e-mail. The paper with your photo will be welcome.



Registration Fee


The Conference Fee for participants of Ukraine will be 250 hrn and for participants from the former Soviet republics and foreign countries - the equivalent of $50. The full conference fee will cover the cost of the abstract booklet, souvenirs, publication of the conference proceedings, drinks during coffee breaks and the friendly evening- party. The fee should be paid upon registration and the necessary documents will be given.


It is highly desired that you have a return-ticket, as the Organizing Committee cannot book seats for the Conference participants.


Please pay your attention to the Conference date: June 20 June 22 (the change is because on June 28 Ukraine celebrates the Day of the Ukrainian Constitution).



We ask to inform the Organizing Committee till May 30 about reservation of hotel



Information about the Conference can be found at the NSC KIPT site:

phone (057) 335 65 02, fax (057)335 17 39,